Limitless - Jim Kwik

Limitless - Jim Kwik

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Book Summary Notes


“The Hero’s Journey is the perfect structure to lend power and purpose to your personal story. In Limitless, you are the superhero."

"One of my core beliefs is that human potential is one of the only infinite resources we have in this world. Most everything else is finite, but the human mind is the ultimate superpower—there is no limit to our creativity, imagination, determination, or ability to think, reason, or learn. Yet this resource is also among the least tapped."

"All of us can be the heroes of our own story, dipping into the well of our potential every single day and never having that well run dry. But so few of us approach our lives this way. That’s why I wrote this book—to help you realize that no matter where you are, or where you’ve been, you absolutely can free yourself and go from limits to liberation. That might be the only ‘extra’ you need to transition from ordinary to the extraordinary world."

"This book is going to provide you with the extra. What you’ll get within these pages is a series of tools that will help you cast off your perceived restrictions. You’re going to learn how to unlimit your brain. You’re going to learn how to unlimit your drive. You’re going to learn how to unlimit your memory, your focus, and your habits. If I am your mentor in your hero’s journey, then this book is your map to master your mind, motivation, and methods to learn how to learn. And once you’ve done that, you will be limitless.”

The Hero of our own story.. 

I'm incredibly happy that Jim started the book where he did..  

A place of motivation, positive self image and a real call to action to be the best we can be..  

These things are often missed in academia and places we traditionally think of as learning environments!

Jim's story is really empowering..  

When he was a young kid he had a traumatic brain injury which left him labelled as 'the kid with the broken brain'!

Obviously something incredibly difficult to overcome..  Feeling as though not only are you stupid but fundamentally broken!

Something I think we can all relate too..  

"I Can't Do That" is something we all tell ourselves so often..  

When we have something we want to do like:

  • Start a business
  • Get a career
  • Learn a skill

Often before we even try we tell ourselves that we can't! 

The trick to becoming 'limitless' is to first start here. 

Unlock your mind through positive self talk!  

Then we can get into the great learning models Jim has created!  Some of which changed the way I learn, Mind Map and read.


“You can learn to be, do, have and share with no constraints."

"I wrote this book to prove this to you. If you are not learning or living at your true potential, if there is a gap between your current reality and your desired reality, here’s the reason: There is a limit that must be released and replaced in one of three areas:"

"A limit in your Mindset—you entertain a low belief in yourself, your capabilities, what you deserve, or what is possible."

"A limit in your Motivation—you lack the drive, purpose, or energy to take action."

"A limit in your Methods—you were taught and are acting on a process that is not effective to create the results you desire."

"This applies to an individual, a family, an organization. We all have our own unique story of struggles and strengths. Whatever your situation happens to be, here’s the best part: You’re not alone. I’m going to help you become limitless in your own way, within the three-part framework you’re about to learn: Limitless Mindset, Limitless Motivation, and Limitless Methods.”

Limitless isn't inside a pill..  But it is inside a model!

Starting with Mindset as Jim talked about in the opening.. 

Mindset (the WHAT): deeply held beliefs, attitudes, and assumptions we create about who we are, how the world works, what we are capable of and deserve, and what is possible.

What holds us back from being Limitless when it comes to Mindset?  We entertain a low belief of ourselves, capabilities, what we deserve or what is possible..  

Next we look at our motivation and energy.. 

Motivation (the WHY): the purpose one has for taking action. The energy required for someone to behave in a particular way.

What holds us back from being Limitless when it comes to Motivation?  We are lacking purpose, drive and energy to take action. 

Finally we need leverage (Methods) before we can really accomplish anything great!

Method (the HOW): a specific process for accomplishing something, especially in an orderly, logical, or systematic way of instruction.”

What holds us back from being Limitless when it comes to Methods?

Take some time to reflect with these journalling questions:


What do I believe I am capable of?

What have I accomplished in the past?

What is possible for me?


How connected do I feel to my purpose?

How are my day to day energy levels?

What am I allowing to drain my energy that I no longer should?


Have I thought about the methods I am using?

Have I learned this method from someone who has been successful at what I am trying to achieve? 

If I changed my method would my results look different?

Superhero You

“I’m a firm believer that we all have incredible superpowers that are waiting to be awakened." 

"I’m not talking about the ability to fly, create iron-clad armor, or shoot lasers from your eyes, but real-life practical abilities like flying through books, iron-clad memory, laser focus, boundless creativity, clear thinking, mindfulness, superior mental attitude, and more. We are all superheroes in one way or another."

"Just as every superhero has powers, so do they have arch nemeses. Enter the supervillain. Think the Joker to Batman, Lex Luthor to Superman. The villains we face may not look the same as they do in the movies, but they’re still the bad guys—the ones you, as a superhero, need to vanquish and hold at bay. Modern-day supervillains get in our way and make life harder, keeping us from our potential. They hold us back and rob us of our productivity, prosperity, positivity, and peace of mind. And it’s up to us to recognize and defeat them.”

Superpowers waiting to be unleashed!

Jim points out here that we each have the ability to be much more than we currently are..  

  • Abilities like laser focus, iron clad memory and boundless creativity are all available to us at any time..  
  • Although there is something standing in the way..  The supervillians!

Inside the book we talked about the 4 D's

  • Digital Deluge:  “Compared to the 15th century, we now consume as much data in a single day as an average person from the 1400s would have absorbed in an entire lifetime.
  • Digital Distraction: "Instead of relaxing into the downtime that we might experience when waiting in line, waiting for a bus or an appointment, etc., we pull out our phones and train our distraction muscles.”
  • Digital Dementia: “Breakdown of cognitive abilities” as a result of our overreliance on technology. “There’s research that says our brains are more like a muscle, rather than a hard drive that fills up. That the more you use it, the stronger it gets, and the more it can store. The question is: Are we making those choices consciously, or are we acting out of unconscious habit?”
  • Digital Deduction:  “The upshot is that deduction—an amalgam of critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity that is an essential skill for being limitless—is becoming automated.” (Making it so we don't flex the muscle). 
  • Bonus: Digital Depression: “A result of the comparison culture that emerges when we let the highlight reels of the social media feeds of others cause us to perceive ourselves as less than.”

So how might we overcome these four super villains?

  • That could be a book in itself!  In fact it is..  I recommend you check out Cal Newports 'Digital Minimalism' and 'Indistractable' by Nir Eyal
  • These two books made massive changes in the way I view technology use..  Plus made MAJOR changes to what I recommend coaching clients do around tech. 


“To get the most out of this book, here is a simple method for learning anything quickly. I call it the FASTER Method, and I want you to use this as you read, starting now."

"The acronym FASTER stands for Forget, Act, State, Teach, Enter, Review. Here’s the breakdown:

"F is for Forget - The key to laser focus is to remove or forget that which distracts you."

"A is for Act - Traditional education has trained many people that learning is a passive experience. You sit quietly in a class, you don’t talk to your neighbor, and you consume the information. But learning is not a spectator sport. The human brain does not learn as much by consumption as it does creation."

"S is for State - All learning is state dependent. Your state is a current snapshot of your emotions. It is highly influenced by your thoughts (psychology) and the physical condition of your body (physiology)."

"T is for Teach - If you want to cut your learning curve dramatically, learn with the intention of teaching the information to someone else. Think about it: If you know you have to give a presentation on what you learn, you will approach how you learn the topic with the intention of mastering it well enough to explain it to someone else."

"E is for Enter - What is the simplest and most powerful personal performance tool? Your calendar. We enter important things on our schedule.  Do you know what a lot of people don’t schedule? Their personal growth and development. If it’s not on your calendar, there’s a good chance it’s not getting done."

"R is for Review - One of the best ways to reduce the effects of the forgetting curve is to actively recall what you learned with spaced repetition.”

How I use the FASTER model with these Mind Maps!  (And you can too). 


  • Before each and every Mind Map and while reading I do two things. 
  • 1. I turn off my phone and all applications on my computer. 
  • 2. I set a 30 minute Pomodoro timer that signals my mind to focus on the task at hand. 


  • Mind Mapping building acting into the process of learning..  
  • While you're reading and note taking you move the nodes around and fit them into an actionable piece rather than lines on a page.. 


  • MUSIC!  This is super important for me while Mind Mapping.  
  • Each time I start the Pomodoro timer I also hit a music playlist that is all instrumental and gets me into a focused and flow like state.


  • That's what these videos are!  Teaching is the most important part of this formula for me.. 
  • I didn't realize this until recently but now I see it everywhere..  I even remember what I read better if I mouth the words as I read!  


  • These videos are a perfect example of entering..  Each week I am committed to making one video!  
  • That is one book a week..  Something not many people are willing to commit too!


  • Saving the Mind Maps and coming back to them is very important..  That's for sure!  
  • But one other type of review I do inside the Mind Maps is actually recalling how the book I'm reading connects to other books.  (See the last point about Cal Newport and Nir Eyal). 


“All behavior is driven by belief, so before we address how to learn, we must first address the underlying beliefs we hold about what is possible."

"We’re not born with pre-installed mindsets about what we’re capable of achieving—we learn these fixed and limited ways of thinking from the people in our lives and the culture we experience growing up."

"Think of a young elephant tied to a stake in the ground. When it’s a baby, the elephant isn’t strong enough to pull the stake up so it eventually stops trying because it learns the effort is futile. As that elephant grows, it gains more than enough power and strength to pull out the stake, but it remains tied up by something as inconsequential as a rope and a flimsy piece of metal because of what it learned as a baby. In psychology, it’s called learned helplessness."

"Most us behave like that elephant. At some point, we had an experience that gave us an impression of what we’re capable of, and our belief about our potential has been set ever since. But just as helplessness is learned, it’s just as possible to learn to be limitless. In this section, you’re going to learn about the seven lies we’ve been taught about our potential and how to replace them with new beliefs.”

What is possible for you?

This is one of the most important questions not only to ask ourselves but to really examine..

  • Most of us have long held beliefs of what we're capable of.. and unfortunately more often than not in my experience they are not high expectations!
  • But why?  Most of us are unbelievably capable and intelligent!  (Especially if you're here). 

Struggling with feeling like you deserve, can achieve or will achieve the success you want?  Jim says we need to deal with lies we've been told (just like the elephants). 

  • “I use the term LIE intentionally."
  • "In this case, LIE is an acronym for Limited Idea Entertained. If you are like the vast majority of people out there, you are entertaining ideas about yourself that define you as something less than what you truly have the potential to achieve. You’re giving these ideas energy and allowing them to take residence in your mind, but they’re really nothing but BS (in this case, an abbreviation for Belief Systems)."
  • "You will discover how they imprison you, and what you can do about it. And keep asking yourself this question: How many of my perceived constraints are nothing more than LIEs and BS? I think you’re going to be stunned with the answers, and that these answers are going to be liberating.”

Inside the book Jim gives us seven LIES that we've been told..  But I won't relay that here. 

  • Instead we're going to do another short journalling exercise.. Write down (or Map) these questions. 
  • How do I view my intelligence? 
  • What do failures mean to me?
  • Why haven't I been successful (in some area) before?
  • What do I need before I can achieve what I want?
  • That answers that you have to these questions will be very telling about the LIES and BS you have picked up!


“When you combine purpose, energy, and small simple steps S3, you get sustainable motivation." 

"And the ultimate form of motivation is the state of flow. Think about it as energy management. Creating it, investing it, and not wasting it. A clear purpose or reason gives you energy. Practices you employ will cultivate energy for your brain and the rest of your body, and small simple steps require little energy."

"Purpose drives us to act, and our purpose must be clear enough that we know why we’re acting and what we’re hoping to gain. Generating sufficient energy is vital—if you’re tired or sleepy, or if your brain is foggy, then you won’t have the fuel to take action. Small simple steps take minimal effort and keep you from being paralyzed with overwhelm. And, finally, finding flow is the ultimate boon to motivation.”

The ultimate motivation equation: Motivation = Purpose x Energy x S3


  • Get clear on your purpose and remind yourself everyday!
  • Why are you doing what you are doing?  (Hint: always helpful to understand who you're serving and why). 
  • Then remind yourself daily through reflection, journaling and meditation!


  • This is pure physical and mental energy..  
  • Contributing factors are sleep, food and movement! 
  • How are you managing those? 

Small Simple Steps

  • What are you going to do next?  (Momentum). 
  • This is coming from books like the Compound Effect and the Slight Edge..  
  • Let's take some small steps forward and get just a little better each day!
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