GOALS! - Brian Tracy

GOALS! - Brian Tracy

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Book Summary Notes


“Success is goals and all else is commentary." 

"All successful people are intensely goal oriented. They know what they want and they are focused single-mindedly on achieving it every single day."

"Your ability to set goals is the master skill of success. Goals unlock your positive mind and release ideas and energy for goal attainment. Without goals, you simply drift and flow in the currents of life. With goals, you fly like an arrow, straight and true to your target."

"After countless talks on various themes, if I was given only five minutes to speak to you and I could convey only one thought that would help you to be more successful, I would tell you ‘Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and work on your plans every single day."

"This advice, if you followed it, would be of more help to you than anything else you could ever learn. Many university graduates have told me that this simple concept has been more valuable to them than four years of study. This idea has changed my life and the lives of millions of other people. It will change yours as well.”

I read this book as Preparation for my Vision section of my Self Coaching course..  Brian Tracy is always on point but at first the title put me off!  Goals feels like a little bit of an over used term now adays.. 

But the way Brian talks about goals is exactly how I talk about Vision..  He says in the book "Determine the price you will have to pay in additional work, time and commitment to achieve your goal and then get busy paying that price"

In other words he talks about setting your goals and then forgetting about the actual outcome and instead focusing on the process of achieving them.  Something I think is so important!

This book is absolutely packed with inspirational wisdom as all of Brian's stuff is..  I recommend you pick up his book and his many other works if you want more!

The Fog

“Living without clear goals is like driving in a thick fog. No matter how powerful or well engineered your car, you drive slowly, hesitantly, making little progress on even the smoothest road."

"Deciding upon your goals clears the fog immediately and allows you to focus and channel your energies and abilities. Clear goals enable you to step on the accelerator of your own life and race ahead rapidly toward achieving more of what you really want.”

Clearing The Fog

Have you been feeling uninspired lately?

Likely this is because you don't have a clear sense of your vision or goals in mind..  

Together in the 21 Steps we'll go over exactly how to set your goals and make them a reality..  

For now!  Just ask yourself..

  • Do you know what my vision is?
  • Have I connected with that vision lately?
  • How are my daily actions contributing to that vision?

21 Steps

“The most important quality you can develop for lifelong success is the habit of taking action on your plans, goals, ideas, and insights. The more often you try, the sooner you will triumph. There is a direct relationship between the number of things you attempt and your accomplishments in life. Here are the twenty-one steps for setting and achieving goals and for living a wonderful life.”

The Steps

1. Unlock Your Potential

  • Brian says our potential is unlimited.. 
  • One of his questions is 'what would you do if you couldn't fail?'

2. Take Charge of Your Life

  • This is essential be Pro Active from the 7 Habits
  • Can't accomplish anything unless you take responsibility 

3. Create Your Own Future

  • What would you create if you had no limits?

4. Clarify Your Values

  • What's important to you?  What do you value? 
  • Successful people live from their values

5. Determine Your True Goals

  • Clarity
  • What do you really want?

6. Decide Upon Your Major Definite Purpose

  • What's the one thing that if you accomplished it would have the most positive impact on all your other goals?

7. Analyze Your Beliefs

  • What are your beliefs?  Limiting and Empowering..  
  • These are much more guiding than you are even aware of
  • *What to Say When You Talk to Yourself

8. Start at the Beginning

  • Where are you right now in relation to your vision?

9. Measure Your Progress

  • Set up a system to measure your progress towards your goal

10. Remove the Roadblocks

  • These will come up along the way
  • Resolve your self to become a problem solver not a problem seer

11. Become an Expert in Your Field

  • Brian says we can be in the top 10% of whatever field we choose
  • Make this a goal and don't stop until you're there

12. Associate with the Right People

  • Spend more time with the people who inspire you

13. Make a Plan of Action

  • Create you plan
  • Dynamically respond to what arises

14. Manage Your Time Well

  • Focus on your ONE Thing
  • Eliminate distractions

15. Review Your Goals Daily

  • Brian believes in viewing your goals every single day

16. Visualize your Goals Continually

  • Spend time 'seeing' your future in your mind

17. Activate Your Superconscious Mind

  • The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind
  • Program it well

18. Remain Flexible at All Times

  • Successful people are flexible 
  • When new information comes in they can respond not react

19. Unlock Your Inborn Creativity

  • This comes up in a later point

20. Do Something Every Day

  • Momentum!  Need I say more?
  • I will..  Don't miss twice

21. Persist Until You Succeed

  • Persistence is self discipline in action
  • This is the true measure of the belief in yourself

Self Trust

“Self-trust is the foundation of greatness. Self-trust comes from listening to your intuition, to your ‘still, small voice’ within. Men and women begin to become great when they begin to listen to their inner voices and absolutely trust that they are being guided by a higher power each step of the way."

"Living in alignment with your true values is the royal road to self-confidence, self-respect, and personal pride. In fact, almost every human problem can be resolved by returning to values."

"Whenever you experience stress of any kind, look into yourself and ask, ‘In what way am Icompromising my innermost values in this situation?’"

Clarify Your Values

Before we can trust ourselves we must know ourselves..  This comes from having clarity of values!

Knowing your values comes from reflection..  

Questions like:

  • What do I really stand for?
  • Who is the person you most want to be?
  • What are your most important values?
  • What values do you most look for in others?

The Great Question

“My favorite word in goal setting, and in success in general, is ‘clarity.’ There is a direct relationship between the level of clarity you have about who you are and what you want and virtually everything you accomplish in life."

"Successful men and women invest the time necessary to develop absolute clarity about themselves and what they really want, like designing a detailed blueprint for a building before they begin construction"

"One of the most important questions in goal setting is this: What do I really want to do with my life? If you could do or be or have anything at all in life, what would it be? You should return to this question over and over again in the months and years ahead.”

Investing in Clarity

Having clarity around your goals is very important..  So invest time now!

I know we're mostly all focused on action..  and that's great!  Because action does create clarity! 

But you need to know which direction you truly want to start out in before action is worth anything..  Spend the time getting clear! 

Creating Carity

Ask yourself what do your REALLY want to do with your life?

Spend time thinking on this

Major Definite Purpose

What goal if you achieved it would have the most positive impact on all your other goals?

This is the first thing you will look to accomplish

  • Next Step
  • "Determine the price you will have to pay in additional work, time and commitment to achieve your goal and then get busy paying that price."


“The most powerful technique for improving your intelligence and increasing your creativity is what I call ‘mindstorming.’"

"The way it works is simple. The results that you get will be so amazing as to be life changing."

"You begin the mindstorming process by first getting a clean sheet of paper. At the top of this page you write your goal or problem in the form of a question. The simpler and more specific the question, the better will be the quality of the answers that you generate in response to it."

"Each of your answers should be written using the ‘Three P Formula.’ It should be personal, positive, and in the presence tense. In other words, your answers should be written as affirmations or instructions from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind.”

Mindstorming Your Vision

This is essentially what I built the Vision section of my Self Coaching course about.. 

The first step we do is "mindstorm" your vision in the seven different domains of life.. 

  • Health
  • Mind
  • Relationships
  • Career/Business
  • Social Life
  • Finances
  • Spiritual Life

During the process I give simple question on the future like..

  • What does your ideal body feel like?
  • How does your ideal mind think/feel emotions?
  • What are your most important relationships?

Helping to guide you through he process of creating a grounded and thorough Vision for your future

Self Discipline

“The single most important quality for success is self-discipline. Self-discipline means that you have the ability, within yourself, based on your strength of character and willpower, to do what  you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not."

"Character is the ability to follow through on a resolution after the enthusiasm with which the resolution was made has passed. It is not what you learn that is decisive for your future. It is whether or not you can discipline yourself to pay the price, over and over, until you finally obtain your objective.”

Step 21: Persist Until You Succeed

Self Discipline is the single most important quality for success..  It allows us to persist until we succeed!

Even when things are not fun, exciting or immediately rewarding..  

Everyone knows that at the beginning of any endeavours it is usually exciting, fun and immediately rewarding..

  • But eventually it becomes difficult
  • Roadblocks come up
  • The fun fades
  • Excitement diminishes
  • Self Discipline is needed here!  You've set your intentions..  Now you need to persist until you succeed..

The Skill

I believe that self discipline is a skill..  Something you can learn!  It's almost like a habit that can be transferred into multiple domains..

Start by setting your mind on your single most important goal right now..

Then follow the course until success!

Once you've felt the amazing feeling of success after perseverance it will be easier the second time..  and the third..  then it will become a way of life!

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