Everything is Figure Outable - Marie Forleo

Everything is Figure Outable - Marie Forleo

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Book Summary Notes

Everything is Figureoutable

“Everything is figureoutable will change your life. You can use it to solve mundane problems like a busted washing machine or a flat tire. You can use it to build a company, reshape your health, or create financial freedom. You can use it to save (or end) a relationship or create the most magnificent, passionate love story of your dreams. You can use it to find your way out of chronic stress, grief, anger, depression, addiction, anxiety, hopelessness, and debt. You can use it to invent a breakthrough technology, learn a new language, become a better parent or a stronger leader." 

"Most important, you can use this idea with others—in your family, organization, team, industry, community, or the world—to create a positive and significant change."

"Individually and collectively, we’re confronted by events and circumstances that can no longer be ignored. ... Yet there can be no significant change in the world unless we first have the courage to change ourselves. In order to change ourselves, we must first believe we can."

"Together, we’ll use this one simple belief, everything is figureoutable, to activate our inherent ability to transform our lives and, by doing so, instigate meaningful change around us. Which is exactly why this book is in your hands right now."

"We need you. We need your heart, your voice, your courage, your joy, your creativity, your compassion, your love, and your gifts. Now, more than ever.”

There are a lot of things in life that are going to take a little 'figuring out' as you can see by the quote above..

  • Most of those things are difficult and we weren't necessarily taught them in school!
  • But none the less we need to figure out how to do them if we want to live a full life..

I feel like Marie was inside my head as she wrote this book..  I will be giving it to a lot of other people!

  • Being an entrepreneur my entire life really changed my perspective on problems.. 
  • There are two types of people to me..  Those who see a problem and stop because of it and those who see a problem and get excited to figure it out!

She has put such an important and impactful belief/concept into a beautifully written book!

  • I really recommend you pick it up!
  • Plus leave her a review on Amazon if you liked it.

Figureoutable Origin

“I stood there for a second, watching her work her magic. Finally, I asked, ‘Hey, Mom, how do you know how to do so many different things that you’ve never done before, without anyone showing you how to do it?’"

"She put down her screwdriver, turned to me, and said, ‘Don’t be silly, Ree. Nothing is life is that complicated. You can do whatever you set your mind to if you just roll up your sleeves, get in there, and do it. Everything is figureoutable.’"

"I was transfixed, reveling in and repeating those words in my head: Everything is figureoutable. Everything is figureoutable. Holy shit, yes..."

"Everything Is Figureoutable!"

"This phrase and philosophy took root in my soul. Since then it’s become the most powerful driving force in my life.”

Macgyver Mom

Amazing to hear about the relationship Marie had with her mother..

  • When we're young we learn a lot of these types of 'maxims' or 'lessons' from our parents and don't even realize it.. 
  • Obviously parents give some good wisdom and some bad..  But this piece was seriously great!

How do you handle problems?

  • Are you the type of person who tries to 'figure it out' while you do it?
  • Or are you the type of person that gives up?
  • Maybe you just don't even try at all?

Think about the amazing resources we have now..

  • Literally almost everything you could possibly need to do is already posted on the internet!  
  • Combine that with a solid belief in yourself and that everything is 'figureoutable' and what could you accomplish?

Low tech figureoutability!

  • My Grandfather doesn't really use the internet..
  • But he's a master of figureoutability!

Recently I went to his house and found him working on an old car that would look more at home in a junk yard..

The entire frame was completely rusted away!  Almost everyone else would have given up..

But he did an amazing job..  Cutting out piece at a time to make the bend of the frame!  That is true figureoutability.

One Belief

“When you change a belief, you change everything.

"Our beliefs either propel us to or prevent us from living to our fullest potential. Our beliefs determine whether we fail or succeed, and how we define success in the first place. Just imagine the decades of relentless belief, action, and determination required to give women in the US the right to vote."

"Or the unshakable belief that President John F. Kennedy and the team at NASA had in our ability to send humans into space and walk on the moon—something a mere one hundred years prior would have seemed preposterous."

"Belief is where it all begins. It’s the genesis of every remarkable discovery and leap forward humans have ever made from science to sports to business to technology and the arts."

"The power that beliefs have over our lives simply cannot be overstated."

The Magic of Belief

Inside the book there are some amazing studies about how powerful belief is..

  • One story tells about the poison ivy
  • Another talks about fake surgeries

The main point here is that belief is powerful.. 

  • The belief that everything is 'figureoutable' is the core of this book..  
  • “All you need is one core meta belief, a master key that unlocks every imaginable door in the castle of your consciousness. It’s like throwing a switch that instantly illuminates a field of infinite potential. If you haven’t yet guessed, the whole purpose of this book is to inspire you to adopt the supremely powerful belief that everything is figureoutable.”

Are you starting to believe yet?

  • Here is an exercise to help!
  • Write down your most difficult problem right now..  Something you're stuck on!
  • Then write down something you've been avoiding because you don't know how to fix it..  Something simpler and less important!
  • Head out..  and figure that easy thing out!  Use whatever resources you have too..
  • Then come back and work on your most difficult problem..  With the new belief in yourself to figure it out!


"Let's start by looking at your language and two common words that blur your ability to be honest with yourself. Those two four-letter words are ‘can’t’ and ‘won’t.’ Think about how often people say some version of the following:"

I can’t get up and work out every day.

I can’t find the time to get writing done.

I can’t forgive her for what she’s done.

I can’t take that job, it’s across the country.

I can’t ask for help.

I can’t ask for a promotion because I’m not good enough yet.

I can’t launch this project because my boss didn’t approve it.

I can’t ___________ [take the class/learn the language/start the venture/etc.] because I can’t afford it.

"Here’s the problem: 99 percent of the time when we say we ‘can’t’ do something, ‘can’t’ is a euphemism for ‘won’t.’ What does ‘won’t’ mean? ‘Won’t’ means we’re not willing. In other words. You don’t really want to.”

Turning your can't into won't the power of language

When was the last time you said you couldn't do something?

  • Maybe you couldn't make it to a party..
  • Maybe you couldn't get something done on time..
  • Maybe you couldn't fix something or figure it out..

Was that really a can't or was it a won't?

  • Often we use the word can't instead of won't..  
  • Can't protects our ego from having to look at our true priorities!
  • “In my life, whenever I say ‘I can’t,’ most of the time what I really mean is ‘I won’t.’ I don’t want to. I have no desire to make the sacrifice or put in the effort to get that particular result. It’s not something I want badly enough or something I want to put ahead of my other priorities. Saying that you don’t want something (or don’t want to put in the work or sacrifice to get it) doesn’t make you bad or lazy. It makes you honest.”

The Can't to Won't Challenge

  • Try this!
  • Every time you catch yourself saying you can't do something switch it to a won't
  • This will be hard at first.. But it's going to keep you honest!


“An oft-cited study done by Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University of California, shows that you’re 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down." 

"Gail’s sample group included men and women, ages twenty-three to seventy-two, from around the world and all walks of life—entrepreneurs, educators, health care professionals, artists, lawyers, and bankers. She divided the participants into two groups, those who wrote down their goals and those who didn’t. The results were clear. Those who wrote down their goals achieved those desires at a significantly higher level than those who didn’t."

"As basic as it seems, most people still don’t write down what’s most important to them. If I was considering making a bet and you told me that if I wrote that bet on paper, I had a 42 percent HIGHER chance of winning—I’d do it! If I was undergoing some kind of medical protocol and my doctor said, ‘Hey, if you write this down, you’ll increase your chances of healing by 42 percent’—am I NOT going to listen? Who doesn’t want those kinds of odds?"

"Even without this study, writing down what you want is sheer common sense. In our endlessly distracted, overcommitted, overstretched world, writing down what’s most important is a deceptively easy way to stay focused. Writing down your dream forces you to be clear and specific about what you want. Ambiguity is the enemy of accomplishment."

"Now, obviously, you shouldn’t just write your goal in a journal and call it a day. You should look at it often. Daily is ideal. This keeps your top priority top of mind.”

Do you really want to achieve your goals?

This is an interesting question right..  Most people would say 'yes of course' which isn't entirely untrue!

  • But kind of like the can't vs won't from the point above..  They are lying about their true intentions!
  • Instead of doing everything needed to achieve those goals they feel good just for having them.. 
  • Without the potential bad of not achieving them..  More on this in the next point!

First thing I do with my clients..

  • After I get to know the new client and their personality..  
  • We create a Mind Map using the OKR goal setting model for them!
  • That is something we use consistently to keep them on track..
  • Right now I'm working on a book to share with you guys about how I use Mind Maps to set OKR style goals and blow the 42% out of the water!

Don't Stay Safe

“In the comfort zone, which is where most of us spend way too much time, life feels safe. Even if things are stressful, at least you feel secure in the fact that it’s familiar. You’re accustomed to the patterns, no matter how dysfunctional. It’s the beast you know."

"But everything you dream of becoming, achieving, or figuring out exists in the growth zone (aka the discomfort zone). When you’re in the growth zone, here’s what’s guaranteed: you will feel vulnerable and insecure, but in order to grow, you must let go (at least temporarily) of your need for comfort and security. You must train yourself to value growth and learning above all else."

"The growth zone is where you’ll gain new skills and capabilities. It’s where you acquire strength and expertise, and produce new results. Hang in the growth zone long enough and something marvelous happens. That growth zone becomes your new comfort zone."

"All the things that once felt so terrifying no longer faze you. Your confidence increases, which strengthens your conviction to tackle the next set of challenges. You begin to expect and embrace uncertainty, vulnerability, and humility embedded in every learning experience. This cycle is fundamental to mastering the figureoutable philosophy."

"Almost everything you need to make your dream a reality requires new skills, experiences, and understanding. You must do things you’ve never done before. Starting before you’re ready isn’t easy, but if you want to change—it’s required.”

Start before you are ready..

This is one of the cornerstones of figureoutability..

  • Once you've decided to do something and you believe you can figure it out..  You have to start!
  • Don't spend time gathering more information.. 
  • Get in the trenches and create it!

Action Bias is something we talk about alot on this channel!

  • This is just another call to action to take action.. 
  • Start before you're ready or you'll always be behind!
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